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Year 4



Are you looking for a new book to read? Why not try one of these?

Suggested reading list for Year 4 children




Spelling with the Spellits    
Here's a good place to practise your spellings.    
Sumdog nrich Topmarks
You should use the user name and password you received in school to access the site.  Go to the nrich website for some maths challenges.  The Topmarks website has links to many good maths games.
Times Tables Rockstars Diagnostic Questions
How much do you rock? Can you become a times table rock legend? Find out here. Use your username and password to log in to do the quizzes.
Silicon Spies Learning Circuits  Engineering Interact
Can you help the Silicon Spies defeat the evil doctor? Use your knowledge of electricity to solve problems. Test your knowledge of circuits here.  Games and resources to do with science and engineering (made by the University of Cambridge).
Children's University    
This site has loads of fun facts, animations and videos about many areas of science (made by the University of Manchester)    


Ancient Greece


BBC Schools Ancient Greece Snaith Primary School Greeks The British Museum
The Bitesize site has loads of videos and animations about the ancient Greeks Would you rather be a citizen of Athens or a citizen of Sparta? Read about both places here. The British Museum has lots of ancient Greek artefacts. Find out about them here.
Ancient Olympics Woodlands Web Mr. Donn
Do you want to know about the first ever Olympics? Find out more here. The Woodlands website has information about a very wide range of topics to do with the Greeks. This is a great site that contains many interesting facts about ancient Greeks. There are even some games on here!
Aesop's Fables    
Aesop was a famous ancient Greek who wrote fables (stories with a message). Read some here.    
Pompeii Ruins BBC History - Pompeii  Ducksters website about Pompeii
A guide to the ancient city This is the BBC History site.  The story of the eruption of the volcano in AD79
The School Run Primary Facts  
Loads of facts about Pompeii are here Here are some facts about Pompeii  


The Romans
  BBC Romans Housesteads Fort
  Here is the BBC website about the Romans in Britain. This is a brilliant website with loads of fun stuff to see. You could even play the 'Dig Up The Romans' game. Click on the picture above to go on a virtual tour of the Housesteads Fort. This was a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall.
Romans Webquest Boudicca's Revolt How the Romans conquered Britain
How much can you find out about the Romans? This page gives the story of Boudicca's revolt in 60-61AD from the point of view of four different people.  This is from BBC Bitesize. Find out about how Romans took over our country.
Bolshy Boudicca    
Here is a link to the Horrible Histories episode on Boudicca    
Computing and E-safety
Think U Know Kodu  Traceroute
Click on the 8-10 section of the Think U Know website for more about how to stay safe online.  You can download Kodu Game Lab from here. Ask an adult at home before you do this!  Use traceroute to see the route the websites we load have taken.