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Art Studio

Art Studio Mrs Coyne
Hello, I am Mrs Coyne and I love to spend time with my family, friends and dog.  I love to exercise and go for long walks.  I am passionate about EYFS and Art and this year I have taken on an exciting challenge by creating a new and exciting space in school for an Art Studio.
I am currently working with children from Year 2 to Year 6 and I have created half termly curriculum maps for each year group.  I have been able to link art to other subjects that the children will be studying each term, in order to make the lessons relevant and purposeful.  I am also including the children's own ideas, passions and interests so that their work remains exciting and unique.  Each year group will be exploring skills, such as drawing, painting, collage, textiles, 3D sculpture and digital art whilst learning about artists and their work and style.
Watch this space for exciting pictures of the work that the children will be producing!

Pupil Voice


"Art is the best subject ever."


"I really loved how I could express my mind." Mariana


"I felt like the lessons are out of this world and now I am more excited to learn about history." Eliana


"Art is a good subject because we get to do different things and at the end you will feel great about the work you have made."


"I had to think outside the box and I loved it."


"I felt like I could do it, then BAM I done it." Dolcie


"I love this subject because I feel free when I'm doing the art Piece." Carter

Statement of Commitment


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Art Ambassadors 

Year 1 


Year 2

 Year 2 - Art & Design


Year 3

 Year 3 - Art & Design


Year 4

Year 4 - Art & Design


Year 5

 Year 5 - Art & Design


Year 6

  Year 6 - Art & Design



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